The dark can be very inviting. It hides the things you don’t want others to see. It’s a temporary comfort for the things you may not want revealed to you. But when the morning comes, just like the night, darkness is not permanent. Eventually the light becomes inevitable. 

But what if the light elluminates the things you don’t want to see. What if what comes with the light is shame and guilt and embarrassment. That’s tough. 

I think the light of Christ, that is waiting to grow brighter in you, never has shame or guilt attached to it. His light reflects only what He has created in you. We put the other stuff in it. And that prevents us from moving forward. 

So step into the light. Just the light. Leave everything else behind. Whatever you see, embrace it. And then move forward right where you are. Because now you know He’s walking with you. He sees it all and He doesn’t look away. 



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