Where do you find peace?  Is it a special place where no one goes or is only known by you? Is it a corner of the house when no one is around? Is it a place you go in your mind when the chaos is everywhere around you?

I look forward to just sitting next to my husband and saying nothing. I hear our heartbeats as I am still and a peace comes over me. I even outwardly smile as I relish in the time together. I am grateful for his time and his patience with me.

Sometimes finding peace even in the middle of silence is fleeting. In times of my anxiety and worry I call on God to be the peace I need and calm my fears and take a hold of my heart.  He brings peace whenever I seek Him.  I am so grateful to know He is the source of peace for me.

I wish those who read this or those who you know will have an opportunity to seek peace. To welcome it in times of chaos and stillness.  Listen to your breath. Your heartbeat. The sounds of nature. Identify it and let it pass. And stay there in that moment and believe you are worth that time. Now stay a little longer and know how much you are loved. The peace you allow yourself will flow out to others you encounter. There’s no better way to spread peace than it naturally flow from who you are.



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